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The following stories are currently available:

Radio Sistema Tropical

1. Cardinal Points

2. The Ignoranti

3. Dickensian Neoliberalism

4. Trump the Prez

5. Tragedy Foretold

6. On Tropical Systems

7. The Milk Snatchers

8. Patrice Lumumba

9. Oregon Trail

10. Synthetic Analytics

The Day Time Machines Went Kaput

1. A Sign for the Times

2. From Lebanon, with Love

3. Time Is What the Clock Measures

४  यरी प्रविष्टि:- एअर इंडिया की उड़ान घर

5. The “Master” Race

6. The Arrow of Entropy

7. The Pit of the Pendulum

8. Quantum Reality

9. Extreme Points

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Image credit:
The site banner portrays the classic coral isle, a common sight in the Caribbean. This islet, however, is part of the Republic of the Marshall Islands in the Pacific Ocean, roughly midway between Hawaii and the Cape York Peninsula of Far North Queensland, Australia. The reasons for presenting a Marshall island instead of one from the Caribbean region are discussed below. Photo by Christopher Michel @ChrisMichel, of San Francisco, California, dated 23 October 2004, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license. Many thanks, Christopher.

Why choose a Marshall island for the site banner when there are so many beautiful coral isles in the Caribbean? (For instance, Palominito Island,  four miles east of Puerto Real, Fajardo, Puerto Rico.) There are three main reasons:

• This islet of unknown name is gorgeous, irrespective of its geographic location.

• The Marshall Islands were the principal site of the Pacific Proving Grounds between 1946 and 1962, where the United States tested 67 nuclear weapons with a total yield of some 210 megatons, about 14,000 times the yield of the bomb at Hiroshima. The effects of those tests are still with us today.

• The Caribbean is metaphorically a state of mind of global extent, as the following stories illustrate. So it is fitting to include a Marshall islet as an honorary Caribbean isle.

Enjoy the stories.