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Patrice Lumumba

Diego Azeta

7 January 2019

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HELLO AND WELCOME to Cardinal Points. Since the start of the atrocious regime that has failed to provide leadership for a country thrashing in extreme right-wing hysteria, its figurehead aggravates the frenzied inanity by arrogantly bellowing belligerence. Trump’s electoral campaign called for: No intervention in Syria, yet as president he illegally invaded, occupies, and repeatedly attacks the war-torn nation under false-flag pretences. Restoring positive relations with Russia, which instead he’s ruined by disrespectful confrontations. Getting along with the world, when in fact the US has destroyed the harmony among nations by dictatorially imposing unilateral sanctions on anyone they accuse of defying its diktats and by reneging on major international treaties that promoted global cooperation. And making America great again, totally the opposite of what the swaggering bully-nation has revealed itself to be. He vowed to destroy Islamic State (Daesh) but in fact shields the hugely detested terrorists and uses them to perpetrate horrible war crimes. And ominously, his mindless regime threatens every country they malign with regime change, as if such Hitlerian acts of war were an American prerogative. Is this what the “new American century” offers the world? Is the US lusting for war? How can a nation once so admired for its lofty ideals have degenerated into the abyss of hegemonic evil? Teriaki?

Teriaki: This «neoconnic American century» looks the same as the twentieth, Shahrazad. To the first half of the century that gave the world brutal fascism.

Shahrazad: In all its dreadful varieties. Except now the fascists omit the term.

T: State-imposed evil is just as brutal with or without a name.

S: America woefully failed to live up to being champions of human rights and keepers of the peace. So now they make no pretence as to who they really are.

T: No pretences as to their ethnically ingrained deviousness. Native Americans caught the dissembling early on: “Paleface speak with forked tongue.”

S: Ageless European deception. America, Nazi Germany, the colonial powers, ye olde medieval kingdoms, brutal Rome, all relied on duplicity. And violence.

T: Ah! The European fixation with the fasces of Rome. Europeans can’t shake the yoke off; the patricians will not allow it, for that yoke is their power base.

S: Despite their incessant propaganda about being model democracies, the US and its European minions run their provinciae for the benefit of the patricians.

T: Plebeians can elect anyone they want, but these then serve the patricians.

S: Fake democracies. Behold Trump, a fat cat in service to the plutocracy.

T: Which explains the hypocrisy of his campaign rhetoric. Fake promises.

S: Fake everything. How can the plebs be blind to this perpetual chicanery?

T: Americans are easily fooled with jingoistic trickery. Patriotism there means imitating Sarah Palin: waving the flag while keeping the mind blank.

S: I don’t think this episode will sit well with gung-ho American «patriots».

T: Gung-ho, ultra-right jingoists. Why would anyone want to rule the world as an empire? Every single empire in history collapsed for being the hated tyrant. In our nuclear age, such a collapse can be cataclysmic. Jingoists don’t see that.

S: Americans seem to think there’s no risk for them any more in a world war.

T: As did the Europeans in 1914. Big mistake. No one foresaw what modern, mechanized war meant. It gets worse in a computerized nuclear Armageddon. But what can you expect? Americans never learn a damn thing from history.

S: Oh, they’re Americans. They think they don’t have anything to learn.

T: Cocky. But when the nuclear winter hits home, don’t come crying here to the tropics seeking refuge. Stick it out in whatever’s left of your provincia.

S: There seems to be this belief in America, especially in the security/military apparatus, that they possess a secret armament that makes them invincible.

T: And what keeps their rivals from also developing invincibility armaments? These deep-state apparatchiks are the same incompetent cretins that overthrew the government of Ukraine then idiotically lost Crimea. Bunch of baboons.

S: Of course, one hopes that America will return to its sensible ways and lead the world to a brave new age of global fellowship, peace, and prosperity.

T: Yeah, right. Just like Rome. You know who’s to blame for this madness?

S: Romulus and Remus?

T: Besides those two. I was thinking of Truman and Ike.

S: The Trike! Closest thing to The Chump without the swollen conceit.

T: Or the bad hair. We’re talking low IQ ratings with this troika.

S: The troika of truculent troglodytes. Tricky trio. Truly. Single digit IQs?

T: Close. Time to play The History Game: What was FDR’s worst-ever error?

S: Dumping Henry Wallace for Harry Truman as his running mate.

T: We have a winner! To his credit, Truman projected decency. Artfully.

S: But you needed five Trumans to change a ceiling light bulb. Plus a table.

T: Assuming they understood rotation. New twist on the old ethnic joke there.

S: Joke that Roosevelt wouldn’t have liked. He conspired with the sleazy party bosses to subvert his VP’s anticipated renomination at the convention. Wallace was excellent: intelligent, honest, progressive, fair-minded. Topped FDR.

T: Agh, der Amerikan politikal kommisars! Just like in der goot ol’ USSR.

S: Nearly impossible to tell them apart. Your monocle’s slipping, Herr Ter.

T: Not so. American commisars controlled oodles of slush funds. Still do.

S: Isn’t liberty wonderful. Wallace was «humanely terminated» because of his lofty ideals: desegregation, living wages, universal health care, world peace.

T: What the hell were those party bosses, goddamn 'Publicans? Traitors!

S: Dixiecrats, from both North and South. Now full-blown Republicans, yes.

T: America’s public enemy #1: the bigoted bastard. Redneckus traitorus.

S: Redneckus traitorus morongus. Wait, the North had rednecks?

T: The whole country is infested with these vermin. America’s vilest curse.

S: After guns. What about FDR? He sacrificed his popular vice-president.

T: FDR was a rat. A dummkopf more concerned with finagling a fourth term, which lasted less than three months, than with preserving his legacy for future generations. Wallace was a visionary who could have achieved that. There was no way that Roosevelt would lose the 1944 war election, more so with Wallace on the ticket. Eleanor wisely admonished him. It was FDR’s dumbest blunder.

S: But would Republicans have let Wallace stamp out the capitalist racket?

T: The vermin would have attempted a second Pluto Plot. But Wallace knew that was in the cards. He’d be prepared. Had Wallace been president, America would have experienced moral leadership from an esteemed internationalist, a man of sterling principles, instead of the bamboozling they get from the sordid trash they keep sending to the White House. A much needed civics lesson for flag wavers that might have averted the agony of Bonzo, Slick Willie, Bushito, Barackito, and The Chump. World history would have been totally different.

S: Perhaps. But that’s not how things turned out with Woodrow Wilson.

T: Redneck. Corrupted his principles, debased his moral leadership. Cost him dearly. Logically inconsistent systems fail. Like HAL in 2001. It’s the law.

S: The feet-of-clay principle.

T: A corollary of Murphy’s Law. And what goes for individuals applies to the collectives as well: the ever avaricious patricians and the zombie flag wavers.

S: Nevertheless, we must state for the record that America also has the finest cadre of progressive liberals in the world. No other country comes close. The other face of the USA is a thoughtful, kinder, gentler America.

T: Absolutely. These folks were my good friends when I lived in the US. And there are millions of them, even down in Dixie. The scum we talk about in this programme are mainly the putrid politicos, treacherous apparatchiks, crooked mega-merchants, filthy media propaganda hucksters, and their sly reptilian ilk.

S: Teriaki, reptiles are also Mother Nature’s little creatures.

T: Not the slimy, putrid, treacherous, crooked, filthy, icky-poo depraved kind. Being a piece of scum is a choice.

S: Ah, invoking free will, are we not? So much for cognitive systems theory.

T: The neuro-cognitive system of the hominin regulates dispositions. But it is an integral part of the hominin, which precludes excusing the icky-pooness.

S: So America got stuck with Icky Truman. Did he change any light bulbs?

T: You bet. Within one year of reaching the White House, he had discharged FDR’s entire civilian cabinet except for Wallace, whom he fired a few months later. Truman got rid of everybody. Well, anyone he felt was smarter than him and would therefore make him look bad.

S: Mm, everybody.

T: LBJ retained JFK’s cabinet, including Bobby. Johnson, for crying out loud!

S: Clever cookie. Perhaps Truman was looking for people loyal to him.

T: Loyalty is earned. Truman was insecure. He needed lower IQs, which were damn hard to find. They wound up accepting people who just played pretend.

S: Dixiecrats? Figuratively speaking, dear listeners. The real Dixiecrats would soon launch the States’ Rights Party to sink Truman in the 1948 elections.

T: The unsinkable Harry Truman opened the floodgates for insane, deep-state apparatchiks and rotten-to-the-bone politicos to control his puny pea-brain and run the country as they wished. Even Pipsqueak jumped at the opportunity.

S: Pipsqueak?

T: Winston Churchill, the mouse that roared. Pip fantasized that the Victorian era kept chugging along and his cherished British empire remained dominant.

S: Dominant? As in Dunkirk? Or the fall of Singapore? What was he, senile?

T: He wistfully dreamed of the Desert Fox. Seems he wanted to recruit him.

S: Of able field marshals Britain was bereft, whilst Germany had them a dime a dozen. Had it not been for Hitler, Germany would have won the war.

T: Indeed. Heinz Guderian, who engineered blitzkrieg and therefore deserved a marshal’s baton, would have done so in a meticulously planned blitz.

S: A Genda-class blitz. Hitler fired Guderian and forty other generals because of the Wehrmacht’s inability to take Moscow before the Russian winter set in.

T: Another monumental dummkopf. Opened the Eastern Front much too late.

S: And before polishing off the nearly won Blitz. Then he let Georgy Zhukov pivot the war at Stalingrad and drive the Eastern Front to the Führerbunker.

T: A preview of the Crimea pivot blitz. Any lessons to be learned here?

S: Certainly: Don’t mess with the Bear, stupid. As Bismarck well understood.

T: And Eleanor, too. She couldn’t stand Pipsqueak, which nearly cost Britain the war. Truman, however, lionized the little runt. Followed Pip like a lap dog.

S: Pip pip! American global leadership at it’s best.

T: This was their finest hour.

S: Surely. And what other marvels did Truman bequeath to humanity?

T: Gave the Japanese —and the world— the nastiest surprise of their lives.

S: The horrific firebombings of Tokyo and other cities with incendiaries?

T: No, that began on FDR’s watch. I’ll pass on that one for now. But Truman did just as bad with the secret atomic armaments at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. These were indeed terrible, but the napalm air raids were much more savage.

S: Truman dropped the bomb to save lives, the apologists say.

T: Bullshit! Truman and his war-addicted advisors thought they could cow the Soviet Union into submission —as the goddamn neocons now want to do with the entire world— by showcasing the mighty armament to sensationalize their «invincibility». The Japanese would have surrendered if the US had agreed to respect the emperor’s life, which the US wound up doing anyway but only after dropping the two bombs they had in stock. The war would have been over and no more lives would have been lost had these power freaks not been successful in manipulating the puny pea-brain with their inane «saving-lives» pretext.

S: Inane puny pea-brain prominently included, of course.

T: Absolutely. And no less a figure than Henry Stimson, FDR’s and Truman’s hawkish Secretary of War, “concluded that providing the Japanese with some sort of guarantee of retaining the Emperor would have shortened the war and possibly made the use of the atomic bombs unnecessary”. I am quoting author and academic historian David F. Schmitz. There were plenty of other reasons for terrorizing the «Japs»: rabid vengeance, racism, Pearl Harbour payback… even though the Japanese did not target civilians in Hawaii.

S: Viciously cruel. Ageless Euro-American pretextual duplicity. For naught.

T: Being an asinine jingoist only makes the despicability worse.

S: Fanatical imbecility. From people who think they are cutting-edge smart.

T: These deranged bastards were cutting-edge mass murderers. They still are.

S: Wantonly killing civilians was a war crime at the Nuremberg trials.

T: Exactly. Which America is accustomed to perpetrating with impunity.

S: Personally or by proxy. No laissez faire here: the huge armaments industry must be kept profitable. This, too, will not sit well with the flag wavers.

T: Oh? Then listen to this: Americans are the most wretched mass murderers in history. They are ruthlessly opportunistic. And if they won’t admit that, then they are also the most unscrupulously Machiavellian of imperialists.

S: The most deceitful.

T: After the Romans. And the Brits, of course. And France. The Netherlands and Spain and Portugal. The goddamn Belgians—

S: We’ll be right back.

T: We’re back. Now, here’s the beaut the puny pea-brain bequeathed us all.

S: Drum roll?

T: Sure, why not. Pea-Brain came up with the brilliant idea to create the CIA.

S: The Central Intelligence Agency was Pea-Brain’s idea?

T: Well, all of his ideas were furnished by the apparatchiks. They fed them to him in their daily briefings, just as they’ve been doing to every president since.

S: The CIA has programmed all the pea-brains in their briefings? Clever!

T: With the exception of a stung JFK. They do it with the anchoring cognitive bias. You plant in the pea-brain whatever you want, then the dorko parrots it in public. Which makes it de facto regime policy. Pretty powerful stuff.

S: How do the dorks know if the information in the briefings is accurate?

T: That is the beauty of the thing: they don’t. The dorkos are forced to rely on alleged «facts» that apparatchiks, employed by an agency notorious for secrecy and deception that operates without proper oversight by anyone accountable to the citizenry, tell the dorko support their “objective assessment” of whatever it is they decided to brief about. Dorko has no way of cross-checking the validity of any such «objective» assessments, for the evaluation of national intelligence was «centralized», that is, monopolized for the apparatchiks by The Pea-Brain, supposedly. That begot a furtive bureaucracy that operates without supervision or checks and balances to restrain it. Zero executive control. And if the dorkos know what’s good for them, the sinister apparatus will remain beyond control.

S: That is frightening. Downright astonishingly dangerous.

T: Not for the apparatchiks. They were given carte blanche by The Pea-Brain himself to do as they saw fit, most surely as a result of still more anchoring.

S: So they did, and still do, as they were «told». How dutiful of them.

T: But enough of generalities. Let’s see some concrete examples. Shahrazad?

S: Here’s a snippet from The Craft of Intelligence by Allen Dulles. Dulles was the CIA director that JFK fired for master-bungling the Bay of Pigs fiasco.

A few decades ago no one would have been able or willing to predict that in the 1960s our armed forces would be stationed in Korea and be deeply engaged in South Vietnam, that Cuba would have become a hostile Communist state closely allied with Moscow, or that the Congo would have assumed grave importance in our foreign policy. Yet these are all facts of life today.

T: See how the word facts pops up innocuously. Dropping anchor. The reader who fails to question the ruse there and then innocently falls into the trap. Why on earth was it a «fact» that the Congo “assumed grave importance” back then for American foreign policy? Were the Congolese planning to attack America?

S: All of the countries he mentioned were small and poor. All had been recent colonies. None was in any position to present a “credible threat” to US national security. How then could they be «gravely important» to US foreign policy?

T: Dulles the master bungler was first of all a master deceiver. And JFK knew that. Dulles, too, knew that JFK knew that. Take his “hostile Communist state” crap. Which of the two was the real hostile state, Cuba or the United States? Did Cuba have plans to invade the US? Did Castro ever try to kill anyone in the US? Note the inverted logic, characteristic of the apparatus’s narratives.

S: Fidel Castro was not a communist until he discovered that that the CIA was out to assassinate him. Dulles pushed Castro right into Moscow’s arms.

T: That was done in conjunction with pea-brain #2. We’ll get to him shortly.

S: Korea was a sham. Following the apparatchiks’ instructions, Pea-Brain used their puppet, the United Nations, as a front to hide the fact that the US refused to recognize the provisional government that Koreans established after Japan’s surrender as a united people of a united country. Manifestly, the US had other, more devious intentions. Yet they failed to win their bogus UN war in Korea.

T: They would fail even more spectacularly in Vietnam. They learn nothing.

S: Then there’s the pesky little fact of the Bay of Pigs invasion at Playa Girón.

T: Right. Dulles trained a brigade of Cuban refugees —former accomplices of Cuba’s hated ex-dictator, Fulgencio Batista, a widely detested American lackey that Castro toppled for being a murderous piece of rotten scum— to carry out the invasion he, Dulles, had planned. This was the infamous Gusano Brigade.

S: Wasn’t this actually the CIA-masterminded Brigada de Asalto 2506?

T: Same thing.

S: Gusano means worm in Spanish, am I right?

T: Correcto. Castro also used the word escoria: scum. The first wave of Cuban refugees to hit Florida consisted of Batista’s henchmen, whose guts were hated back in Cuba. The only place the «gusanistas» ever occupied was Miami.

S: Turned the sleepy swamp town into a vibrant Latin American metropolis.

T: Gave it a fantastic culinary reputation. I understand it’s still possible to hear some English being spoken there. Now that occupation was a success!

S: Dulles planned the invasion of Cuba under Ike. But Ike didn’t strike.

T: Dulles did not make it operationally feasible for Ike to strike before the end of his term. (Ike would presently become useless to Dulles.) But —Surprise!— it suddenly turned «feasible» for Ike’s successor. Kennedy, not Nixon, became commander-in-chief on 20 January 1961. Yet contrary to reason and common sense, the invasion got scheduled for 17 April, less than three months into Kennedy’s presidency.

S: Seems that Dulles sought to take advantage of the newcomer’s greenness.

T: Sure made it easier to push him around. No competent strategist worth her salt would have done that, shoving a discretionary hot potato onto an incoming commander’s plate. No loyal strategist. Yet that is exactly what Dulles did.

S: Dulles scored big time, though. Kennedy approved the plan and went along.

T: Kennedy tweaked the plans here and there. Instinctively, he felt the need to assume leadership and take command. But it is evident that Dulles was the one calling the shots: Cuba would be invaded. Kennedy, although straitjacketed, still trusted the toady bastard, to some extent. He would live, briefly, to regret that.

S: Kennedy had served as a proven, front-line battle commander in the Pacific in World War II, had been wounded in combat, and decorated for heroism. He was knowledgeable and experienced in naval operations, ideal attributes for the commander of an amphibious assault, which Dulles pathetically lacked.

T: Given his boss’s accomplishments, Dulles should have disqualified himself from the operation and called in a militarily proficient substitute, say, the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Let the big boys deal with the problem. This failure to comply with basic principles of command and control is a testament to the ineptitude of the swollen-headed apparatchiks, morons who think they know everything.

S: Yet know nothing. And who refuse to learn from their myriad mistakes.

T: Hyper-cocky lamebrains. The arrogance of the ignorant in epic display.

S: But Dulles did toy with Ike, the supreme Allied commander in Europe.

T: Ike was the supreme desk quack-commander. Quacko-brain equipped.

S: He is still venerated as the commander of the D-Day invasion.

T: Which he «commanded» from the safety of his office in England. I’m sure you have seen photos and films of the landings at Omaha Beach. Who the hell would order his men, weighted down with arms and munitions, to leap into the water from their landing craft, many of whom sank and drowned if not mowed down immediately, and wade toward a shelterless beach under relentless fire to improvise an assault on a superbly fortified enemy occupying the high ground? What species of moron would plan anything resembling such majestic idiocy?

S: Someone who had attended West Point.

T: What the hell did he do there? March off his excess demerits for being the corps’ quacko-head? Is that why you couldn’t envision moving Omaha Beach, Ike, to a safer stretch of the French coast? You skipped class when they taught pincer movements because you were marching off your Quacko® demerits?

S: Spit-shining his boots, maybe? This the zombies chose as their president.

T: Way denser than Pea-Brain. To say nothing of the zombie electorate.

S: That is not what they teach their kids in American history.

T: Now how could that be! Surely you jest, Shahrazad.

S: Great big anchor. Politically vetted and controlled. Education, they call it.

T: Make the forthcoming citizen pliable and manipulable. Flag waver.

S: Pre-zombified. So the plutos can reap ever more and pay even less in taxes than Jane and Joe Zombie, who cannot afford even cheapo health insurance.

T: That’s the bottom line, yes. There are still plenty of wiles to uncover in this guileful contrivance, American predatory capitalism. But we’re getting there.

S: Which is hawked under the banner of democracy.

T: Snake oil. Excuse me while I go outside and guffaw. But first, let me wrap up the Playa Girón dirty plot. The toad believed he was calling the shots.

S: Must have been salivating, thinking he was about to chalk up another dork.

T: Stupid toad didn’t take into account that Kennedy had real brains. Couldn’t see that, eh, Toado? Got accustomed to Pea- and to Quacko-Brain? The Toad assumed —pretended to assume— that once the invasion was launched Cuba’s military and militia would revolt, which would clinch victory for the brigade of gusanos and spell defeat for Castro and his revolution.

S: Why did the toad assume that? There were no signs of discontent in Cuba’s revolutionary forces or among the populace to sustain that assumption.

T: CIA lies: when their «facts» don’t add up, they fabricate them. Everyone in Cuba knew the invaders were el gran bastardo Batista’s gusano bootlickers. No one was going to intervene on his behalf, not even anti-communist renegades.

S: Which meant that the tiny invasion brigade would have to be rescued by the United States’ regular armed forces, which Kennedy had already unequivocally declared he would not authorize, which meant the invaders were doomed.

T: Precisely! Toado was aware of that glitch when he planned the clandestine operation, veteran commandant Kennedy realized when no revolt occurred.

S: The toad was forcing Kennedy’s hand. And he got caught, red-handed.

T: Do not force the hand that feeds you. !תחשוב

S: More so if to gain the upper hand. The real contest was a battle for power.

T: That the apparatus would in due course resolve they would not lose.

S: At whatever the cost.

T: Period.

S: How praetorian. And as per usual, Jane and Joe fail to perceive any of that.

T: Can’t see a damn thing when you’re a zombie.

S: The final solution: every treacherous Praetorian’s dream.

T: He who has brains to think, let him figure.

S: Harry Truman published a short op-ed piece on 22 December 1963 in The Washington Post —one month to the day of Kennedy’s assassination— where he moaned about being “disturbed by the way CIA has been diverted from its original assignment”. Diverted? They did just as he had assigned them to do.

T: He was washing his hands of the monster he had created, the wily bum.

S: Wrote he: “I never had any thought that when I set up the CIA that it would be injected into peacetime cloak and dagger operations.”

T: “Peacetime cloak and dagger operations”? Is that what you call presidential assassinations, Pea-Brain? You “never had any thought” about what these hired criminal bastards were trained to do —political murder— in the wartime OSS, the precursor agency to the CIA that Roosevelt had no intention whatsoever of keeping in government after the war? What were you, Pea-Brain, a goddamn imbecile? Did you really expect the American people to buy that cock and bull op-ed, Mr Let’s-Have-A-Peace-Wrecking-Cold-War-With-Them-Russkies?

S: You mean Jane and Joe Zombie? The flag wavers? Sure!

T: Okay, I stand corrected.

S: Truman was coached by Churchill, the inciter of the Cold War. Pips hated communism and the Soviet Union, both before and after the world war.

T: But not during the Battle of the Atlantic, when he feared Britain would lose the war. He became most appeasingly chummy with Stalin. Bloody hypocrite. Let other people be, Mr I-Am-Lord-Of-The-Chugging-Victorian-Empire.

S: The Americans were already counting on that global empire being theirs.

T: They certainly had their jackboots on to pursue that. Right, Pips?

S: He can’t hear you under the jackboot.

T: Pea-Brain should have said: «It’s this killer sonofabitch who’s responsible.»

S: Killer Ike, you mean.

T: The Butcher of Omaha Beach. Wannabe assassin of Castro. Founder of the criminal military-industrial complex and of ultra-right, belligerent nationalism in the goddamn 'Publican Party. Prime suspect in George Patton’s death. The bastard behind The Toad’s overthrows of democratically elected Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh and equally democratically elected President of Guatemala, Jacobo Árbenz. And of all despicable deeds, goddamn assassin of the Congo’s first democratically elected Prime Minister, Patrice Lumumba.

S: With the assistance of the Belgian military, complete with brutal torture.

T: The goddamn Belgians, who ravaged the Congolese like savage beasts.

S: That’s how the Congo “assumed grave importance” in US foreign policy.

T: Which Dulles didn’t tell us in his book. Filthy goddamn liar. Shahrazad?

S: And cowardly assassin. And that’s all the time we have for this programme. Please join us next week at the same times and frequencies on your short-wave radio or anytime on the Web for another hard look at the world that corporate media and vetted education do not examine. Until then, I am Shahrazad Boyko signing off and wishing you a pleasant morning, afternoon, evening, or night, wherever in the world you may happen to be.

This is Radio Sistema Tropical, the Antillean world broadcasting system.

The task of our generation … is so to organize human affairs that no Adolf Hitler, no power-hungry warmongers, whatever their nationality, can ever again plunge the whole world into war and bloodshed.

— Henry A. Wallace, radio address, 28 December 1942

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