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Diego Azeta

9 May 2018

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HELLO AND WELCOME to Cardinal Points. The existing political state of the world, many an observer has noted, is similar to that which prevailed in the summer of 1914, when Gavrilo Princip unwittingly triggered the bloodiest era in history by firing two pistol rounds at Franz Ferdinand and Sophie on their visit to the fair city of Sarajevo. No one had the slightest inkling of the carnage that was to be unleashed throughout the world because of senseless European ideological intransigence, the mindset still ascendant today. One must ask: are we marching headlong towards a third cataclysmic global war, which not a few dread as humanity’s long-prophesied Armageddon? Teriaki:

Teriaki: Shahrazad, if ordinary citizens leave matters to the official bastards, as they foolishly did in 1914, the apocalyptic sword of Damocles will drop.

Shahrazad: Sooner or later.

T: I would say sooner. Idiots are not known for measured reflection.

S: You are always so trenchant in your characterizations.

T: Because they are always so thick, these morons. They leave me no choice.

S: We have received feedback from our listeners. Some say you are too harsh on anyone who does not share your world view.

T: Not so. Some of my best friends are goddamn troglodytes. But seriously, I talk mordantly only of those deserving it: crafty political blubberheads who lie no end to push their devious agenda, whatever the consequences.

S: But is harshness the way to proceed with such people?

T: It’s not an attack on the blubberheads per se; there is no profit in that. It’s a way of conveying that those so designated are wretched degenerates, sanctions on contemptible public figures that are corrupt, deceitful, and mendacious.

S: In a word, Machiavellian.

T: Le mot juste. If we find a way of getting rid of these deviants, humankind shall enjoy a long and prosperous existence. I prefer limiting comments on this matter to the positive prospects. The negative scenario I leave implied.

S: What would humankind’s prospects be like in your implied scenario?

T: Nasty, brutish, and short.

S: Do you really believe the ultimate consequences are that dire?

T: They are perfectly deducible. There is nothing left for one to believe.

S: Then why is it that people fail to see the horrendous consequences?

T: Oh, many people do. And they are very much concerned. Alas, many more cannot or will not see beyond their noses. We live at a time when both bastards and the masses are more ignorant than ever, paradoxically, given the ubiquity of information. And the political reprobates take full advantage of that.

S: Mass media may be ubiquitous, yes, but it is certainly far from informative. In America, over ninety percent of mainstream media is controlled by just six corporations. All disseminate the same propaganda that their corporate bosses want to feed the public. There is no paradox in the ignorance of the masses.

T: Their plutocratic bosses. Corporate chiefs are subservient hacks. Point well taken, though. Deceptive propaganda is what the media machine propagates.

S: The proof is in last week’s polls: Although only 6% of viewers think Russia is America’s most serious problem, nightly newscasts devoted 75% of their air time to stories about Russia. One hundred percent of them negative, of course.

T: Liars. The Russians did not hack the US elections. A Hillary staffer leaked their files. He is now dead. But mass media bombards people with the phoney story to protect liquidator Hillary. Classic propaganda: the media peddling lies to dupe the public. Did they teach you to do that in communication school?

S: No. I had ethical professors. What viewers considered the top critical issue was health care, with a 35% rating. Yet mainstream media devoted a mere 4% of air time to the topic. Second issue: jobs, 13%. Coverage: 1%. Mind control.

T: Charlatans. QED. And what else did our listeners comment upon?

S: Your analysis of the World Trade Centre attacks ruffled feathers. To some, it is inconceivable that their government would commit such a dastardly act.

T: It’s hard for honest, law-abiding citizens to accept that at first, I’m aware.

S: Denial strikes at the outset.

T: So true. But the evidence is incontrovertible. The Pentagon was not struck by an ordinary airliner, as we’ve been told. Experienced airline pilots that were asked about that attack have declared, unequivocally, that they could not have flown a Boeing 757 at 400 knots inches above the ground and scored a perfect hit on the ground floor of the building. More so when it involved rapid descent from 7,000 feet along a 330 degree swoop into the target. That’s an undoable manoeuvre for civil aircraft lacking military guidance and control systems.

S: But not impossible for Hollywood macho movies or CIA fantasy tales.

T: The alleged pilot of the Pentagon plane, Hani Hanjour, failed to qualify for a rental of a humble Cessna 172 weeks before September 11 because he could not convince two of the Maryland airfield’s instructors, in three supervised test flights, that he could actually fly the aeroplane, a small single-prop trainer!

S: Oh, let me retrieve a New York Times quote from one of Hanjour’s former Arizona flight-school instructors. It should be— Ah! here it is:

“I’m still to this day amazed that he could have flown into the Pentagon.
He could not fly at all.”

T: Had never piloted a jetliner. Never been in a 757 cockpit. Come on!

S: You’d think the security apparatus would come up with believable stories.

T: They don’t care. They know they can do whatever they want with impunity. That smart phone of yours is fab, by the way, a powerful information device.

S: Fast Internet. Superb hi-res video. Great audio. Unsurpassed global reach.

T: If it’s posted on the Web, it’s perusable on your phone. Awesome. So, what can we say about the 9/11 intel/security apparatus duplicity, Shahrazad?

S: Tailor-made for the USA. Only in credulous America would it work.

T: Are Americans really that gullible? What’s wrong with these people?

S: Brainwashed. Prewashed. Postwashed. Hogwashed. Spin-dried.

T: High spin. Is there any difference between Americans and North Koreans?

S: The Koreans know why they act the way they do.

T: The American people have a very serious problem on their hands. Frankly, I don’t see how they’d be able to salvage what’s left of their mythic democracy.

S: Their fake democracy: a “democracy” where the people have no actual say.

T: Not at the federal level, for sure. Which means reform will not come from Washington. Citizens will have to rebuild government on their own. California should lead the way by seceding and reverting to the republic.

S: A republic ensuring openness, transparency, and empowered ordinary citizens.

T: The only legitimate empowerment in a democracy. A genuine democracy. Alaska and the Pacific Northwest would quickly follow suit. Hawaii might join in, and Nevada. But it takes a brawny California to get the rusty wheels rolling.

S: Washington won’t accept that. They’ll squash the rebellion and the rebels.

T: Not if it’s done through the ballot box. Dumb rednecks never saw that.

S: Rednecks never see much of anything. Anything that requires vision.

T: Takes a certain level of intelligence. Nothin’ to be found down in Dixie.

S: But surely, there must be some pockets of intelligence in Dixie.

T: No such pockets. It’s all mindless, knee-jerk behaviour.

S: How Pavlovian. Next item: Listeners have accused you of being a leftist.

T: Anyone is a “leftist” when the establishment is a bunch of neo-Nazis.

S: A bunch of neocon fanatics, perhaps?

T: Same thing. Next.

S: What do the 9/11 criminals and ideologues deserve for their crimes?

T: Ah, a thinking American! So refreshing.

S: She’s from Venezuela.

T: I should’ve known. Madam, they deserve to be flung from One WTC, the new tower. New Yorkers should set up a catapult on the observation deck and let the bastards have a taste of their own medicine. Yum! Thump!

S: Tempting. But that is akin to sharia law.

T: Physical law, actually. For every positive there is a corresponding negative. As with action and reaction in mechanics. Duality: nature’s fundamental law.

S: Who said that?

T: I did. I stand on the shoulders of Paul Dirac.

S: Hefty shoulders.

T: As hefty as they come. Newton, a fellow Lucasian, would have agreed.

S: Mm. A listener writes that jet engines are not made of steel. He’s referring to your observation that no jet engine has ever melted in flight.

T: Thank you, sir, for pointing that out. Jet engines are made of various alloys using nickel, titanium, aluminium, and stainless steel, among other metals. The melting point of steel is a little lower than that of titanium but higher than the other metals I mentioned. Yet never has an engine melted in flight, irrespective of the alloys employed. Jet fuel simply does not burn hot enough.

S: Where did you learn all that?

T: I was an aviation buff back in Hong Kong. And New York.

S: Several listeners remarked that Trump did indeed cave in to the deep state, as your co-host, yours truly, predicted. Thank you, kind listeners.

T: Kudos, Shahrazad. Trump kowtowed to the entrenched security-apparatus bureaucrats, the greased congressional scum, and their overlords, the moneyed plutocrats, by accusing Syria, falsely, of bombing their citizens with chemical weapons. The West then ignored Russia’s demand that the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons first investigate the matter to determine the culprit. Trump went ahead and bombed Syria, killing innocent civilians in the process. And he did it to curry favour with his persecutors. Mainstream media quickly rallied behind Trump, saying he had at last become “presidential”.

S: Ha! He had at last dropped to his knees to lick boots! Sleazeballs.

T: Fleet Streeters. Russia knew this chemical attack, as with the previous ones that Barackito first accused Syria of, had been perpetrated by the anti-Syrian terrorists backed by America, for Russia had helped Syria eliminate its arsenal of chemical weapons. Syria was clean. OPCW was “awarded” a Nobel for that, a Nobel that belonged to Syria and Russia. Grovelling sleazeballs. So Syria had no chemical weapons, as certified by the purloined Nobel, but these somehow rematerialized as if by magic when it suited American hegemonic interests.

S: The US set up those false flag chemical attacks as a pretext to attack Syria and overthrow its president, Bashar al-Assad, a goal of the neocons. This came to light when it was discovered that the anti-Syrian terrorists had been sent raw materials for chemical weapons through Turkey, America’s NATO ally.

T: Toady Trump saw this as an opportunity to appease his opponents. But all he got by capitulating was to whet their appetite for more blood: his. Brilliant.

S: That’s what happened when he sacrificed his first national security advisor, Michael Flynn, to the wolves. An ill-conceived political blunder.

T: Utterly moronic. Trump had to stand his ground and support his appointee, no matter what. He had to show presidential guts, confront the Demo bastards, and show loyalty to those who had stood loyally by him. By failing to do so, he sicked the ravenous wolf packs on himself. Trump is a chump. A dumb loser.

S: His cowering incited the wolves into encircling him for impeachment.

T: Wherefore the kowtow. Then he curtsied by devolving to the military louts his constitutional powers as commander in chief. Show some spine, you nitwit!

S: The man who vowed that he would drain the swamp has instead furthered America’s degeneration into imperial despotism, doing more false flag trickery than the Nazis. Whatever happened to their policy of fair play among nations?

T: Their what ?

S: Scratch it. A gentleman from Detroit asks if you think there is a connection between the 9/11 attacks and the JFK assassination.

T: Sir, that is a complex question but yes, I do believe there is a connection. It has to do with the sinister forces behind the scenes: the evil security apparatus.

S: On behalf of our thoughtful inquirer, please explain.

T: Certainly. Most of the criticism of the official version of events concerning Kennedy’s assassination, to wit, the notorious Warren Report, follows from the numerous conspiracy theories: that more than one assassin was involved in the shooting of the president. But most theories fail to pass muster under rigorous scrutiny. They may at first seem spectacular, but are later found to be flawed.

S: That is the case with the “magic bullet” theory. It is claimed that with only one bullet it was not possible to hit both Kennedy and Connally. Yet when the shooting is systematically analyzed, taking precise measurements into account, it becomes clear that the single bullet theory does indeed explain the event.

T: Perfectly.

S: But Connally’s insistence that he was struck by a separate bullet casts some doubt on the single bullet theory.

T: Not really. Kennedy blocked the path of bullets headed for Connally. And Connally himself said he did not hear an additional shot. But his limbic system may have triggered a sudden desensitization to pain due to major psychological trauma. Thinking it heard a rifle shot, as Connally, a hunter, would later recall, his brain may have sprung into crisis mode on realizing what that shot meant.

S: Is it possible for the nervous system to autonomically react in such a way?

T: Oh, absolutely. Stress is known to make superhumans out of mere mortals. The following shot, the third, which struck only the president, in the head, has been shown to have entered the skull from behind. Dr Peter Cummings, thrice board certified in forensic pathology, anatomic pathology and neuropathology; the author of two medical textbooks published by Cambridge University Press; a former Director of Forensic Neuropathology for the state of Massachusetts; and an esteemed faculty member at Boston University’s School of Medicine, investigated the case with his research team. Your alma mater, Shahrazad.

S: Naturally.

T: Analyzing the original autopsy records at the National Archives and testing biophysical models made from human skulls in ballistic trials, Cummings and his colleagues demonstrated that the bullet tore through the skull from behind.

S: Authoritative evidence. But the Zapruder film gives the impression that the shot was fired from the front and right, from the nearby grassy knoll.

T: Impressions are often misleading. For one thing, any bullet fired from the grassy knoll would have exited JFK’s skull on the left side, destroying his left brain. No such things occurred. And one of the two most important witnesses, Marilyn Sitzman, Abraham Zapruder’s alert assistant, who steadied him as he filmed the presidential motorcade from atop a concrete abutment at the grassy knoll close to the stockade fence where the elusive Badge Man is said to have fired the alleged shot, stated that she did not hear gunfire by the fence to their right but from their “left and above”, the direction of the Texas School Book Depository sniper’s nest. Zapruder was not sure. They stood some nine metres from the fence, eyes fixed on Kennedy, who was slowly passing just in front of them. No one else on Dealey Plaza was in a better position to judge what was going on at that crucial moment. Sitzman’s assertion carries a lot of weight. To give greater credence to other, less informed witnesses is not warranted.

S: Modern computer image analysis revealed no sign of Badge Man or anyone else lurking behind the stockade fence.

T: There you go. But anyone can examine the evidence for themselves. Do a Web search, please, Shahrazad, for “Zapruder frames” on your device.

S: Just a sec… Okay: Zapruder Frames - Costella Combined Edit.

T: That’s it. Download frames 312 through, say, 317. Those stills depict the fatal-shot sequence, which occurs at frame 313.

S: Ominous number.

T: Fate can be so cruel. We need an explanation for these things, you know.

S: Sheer randomness.

T: Yeah, right. Deus ex probabilitas. Adipem forte.

S: Okay, done. Viewing the sequence… Oh, my God!

T: Devastating. Where on the head is the explosion erupting?

S: On the right side, towards the front. The right temple region.

T: Take a look at the back of the head.

S: Seems to be okay. No apparent damage.

T: In other words, the exit wound is in the front right area, which implies that the entry wound is at the back of the head. An impossible shot from anywhere in the grassy knoll or thereabouts. Also notice that Kennedy’s head tilts to the front between frames 312 and 313. That’s because of the impact of the bullet.

S: What about his left-backward lurch accompanying the cerebral extrusion?

T: That appears to be a reaction to the explosive ejecta. A bullet does not have enough momentum to produce such a lurch. See frames 312 and 313.

S: But the Parkland Hospital doctors said the gruesome cavity was at the back of the head. In interviews, they all cup their hand over the back of their head.

T: They talked about a large opening in the right occipital parietal area, a fifth or maybe a quarter of the head having been blasted out. Yet that is not seen on the frames. They also never examined the wound face down. Perspectives can be deceiving. Now, Zapruder and Sitzman cup their hand over their temple. So it seems that either the Parkland doctors erred in their assessment, perhaps due to the commotion in the thronged emergency ward or, ignoring Zapruder’s and Sitzman’s testimonies for the moment, the Zapruder film was altered.

S: But the Zapruder film was not altered. Let me retrieve the expert opinion of the man best qualified to make that call.

T: You owe your career to that gadget. Maybe even your professional self.

S: Handy little thingy. Why don’t you use a smart phone, Teriaki?

T: I have a seven-inch tablet that I hardly ever use. I much prefer my laptop.

S: Old tech, eh?

T: Old tech? Sheesh!

S: Roland Zavada is a retired engineer from Eastman Kodak, the manufacturer of the 8 millimetre Kodachrome film Zapruder used in his Bell & Howell camera. He is considered the world’s leading authority on that type of film. After minutely examining the original Zapruder film and Zapruder’s camera, then consulting with Bell & Howell engineers on the properties of that camera model, Zavada concluded that the Zapruder film “was an ‘in camera original’ and that any alleged alterations were not feasible”. Those findings are detailed in “an exhaustive, 150-page report, supplemented with hundreds more pages of notes, appendices and technical documents”. Zavada conducted that analysis in the mid-1990s, at the behest of the National Archives.

T: Which means that the Parkland doctors erred. That is understandable.

S: I would say it is. They never had a chance to do a post-mortem.

T: Because of the feds. The good doctors also believed, as some still do, that Kennedy’s front neck orifice was an entry wound. Again, they never examined JFK’s back and were unaware of the actual entry wound. This may have biased their head shot assessment. Had the neck entry wound been a frontal one, the bullet had to have been fired from inside the limo. Right through Connally!

S: Not very likely.

T: Not even for Teixas good ol’ boys. Then there is the problem of explaining why two neck entry wounds had no corresponding exit wounds to match.

S: Easy: the two bullets traversed the same path in opposite directions.

T: Not even the apparatus would try to bull through that whopper.

S: Well, there’s this nut job claiming that is basically what happened with the head shot: the one from behind was instantly followed by his from the fence.

T: That’s what’s-his-name, a self-proclaimed auxiliary sniper. His claim is not believable; several key points he alleges are counterfactual.

S: Maybe he wanted to appropriate the Badge Man persona and become famous.

T: No one saw anyone firing from the grassy knoll. But there certainly was a sniper on the sixth floor of the TSBD. The question is: Who was that sniper?

S: G-man? CIA Man. Mafia Man. Anti-Castro Cuban Man. Patsy Man!

T: LBJ Man, perhaps? Home turf advantage. With the best motive to boot.

S: Are motives enough to condemn a suspect?

T: No, but motives, means, and opportunity, added to a deluge of now known criminal deeds by his Texas associates, are pretty darn good indicators. Not to mention Johnson’s gargantuan ambition and trail of disreputable shenanigans.

S: Yet never a whit of admonition or retribution.

T: Teixas, Shahrazad. Down home, good ol’ Dixie boys.

S: Just like their DC brethren. But still no proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

T: I come not to skewer Johnson but to bury the goddamn apparatus.

S: Proceed.

T: There are signs … of things that were far from immaculate. The bullet hole in the windshield of Kennedy’s limousine that vanished after the feds flew the limo back to Washington ―from Detroit, sir, your home town, where the limo had been taken so the manufacturer could secretly replace the windshield― is disturbing in a most jarring manner. Six witnesses, all credible, are on record as having detected the bullet hole. Two of them expertly argued that the bullet came from the front, which would imply a second gunman and, consequently, a conspiracy. Yet in the official version of events, the bullet hole never existed.

S: Now that’s a conspiracy.

T: A most troubling conspiracy, with criminal destruction of evidence. Who else could pull that off but the feds: the CIA with the FBI, assisted by corrupt Secret Service honchos. The FBI illegally confiscated all the evidence rounded up by the Dallas sheriff and Dallas police. The law does not apply to the feds.

S: A regular banana republic.

T: Through and through. The FBI was probably the lead agency, nominally. It was headed by a devious thug who long should have been thrown in prison.

S: J. Edgar Hoover. Blackmailer to presidents and assorted politicians. LBJ’s pal and a sworn enemy of the Kennedys, especially Bobby, his boss. Master of deceit. And evidently, inter-agency coordinator for presidential assassinations.

T: Poster boy for the scum of DC. Hey, Ryan, you dork: that’s a devious thug! Whom Barackito would surely have called exceptional. Dorkito. Dorkoto!

S: You keep a special place for Obama on your list of political reprobates.

T: Just below Bushito. The dregs of American political garbage. Which is no small distinction, given the size of the jam-packed political dumpster. With so many distinguished African-Americans capable of and willing to serve, look who arose to wreck everything. Did grave harm to the image of competence of all citizens of minority heritage and of every true progressive liberal. Scumbag.

S: Failed to rise to the noble occasion. So the bottom of the dumpster it is.

T: Much better than the Eight Circle of Hell. I’m being lenient. Of course, the most brazen sign that something was wrong with the lone-assassin fantasy tale was broadcast nationally on television: the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald by a two-bit hoodlum hurriedly turned into a hit man by the mob: Jack Ruby.

S: Himself a fated victim in a long line of mysterious sudden deaths.

T: “Sheer randomness.” The Warren Commission tried to convince the public that Ruby acted —again, alone— in killing Oswald. Motive: just because.

S: The real patsy was the American public.

T: Always is. Only this time the usual patsies did not buy it.

S: Some supposedly informed figures say that Ruby was not a real mobster.

T: Cosa Nostra is Italian for “our thing”. They decide who is real. I must add, according to people versed in the assassination business, the CIA uses the mob for domestic hits. The CIA murder license applies only to killings overseas.

S: Technically.

T: Technically. Then there is this pesky little detail, that the president’s body, shrouded in a sheet and placed in a luxury casket in Dallas, arrived for autopsy at the Bethesda Naval Hospital in a cheap shipping coffin in a body bag.

S: These security people are really something else.

T: I never cease to be amazed by their egregiously sloppy incompetence.

S: Why would they intercept the body? All the shots were fired from behind.

T: Except for the windshield bullet shot. It seems that the apparatus wanted to inspect the body before the Navy pathologists had their turn. It may be that the Parkland doctors’ rear-cavity assessment made the intel apparatchik nervous.

S: What would they have done, reconstruct the head damage?

T: These people think they can do anything. James Bond mentality.

S: But if only three shots were fired, as reported by most people present, and the first one missed, how can the windshield bullet be accounted for?

T: Excellent question. Looks like we’ll have to think outside the box, the box being Dealey Plaza.

S: You mean … there was an earlier attempt on the motorcade route?

T: It was an important contract. Such jobs call for a multi-point strategy. And there were plenty of opportunities to do so between the airport and the city. If you need a failsafe system, you have to build in redundancy. A basic principle of systems design.

S: Mm. The pieces fit together.

T: It is reasonably plausible. Much better than that lone assassin garbage.

S: Indeed. This thing was a pretty sophisticated operation. Complicated.

T: Which required a powerful overseer at the top.

S: … LBJ.

T: Bingo.

S: The only node that connects all the dots in the puzzle.

T: And the one goddamn bastard that had the most to gain. Cui bono.

S: You know, Teriaki, that was pretty good sleuthing.

T: Just straightforward systems analysis. Properly done, it nails it. Always.

S: Won’t stand a chance in a court of law, though.

T: I don’t take part in primitive anthropoidal behaviours; I only analyze them.

S: So the legal profession is primitive and anthropoidal.

T: The legal racket has no scientific basis. At most, it’s fit for apes.

S: What can society do? Abolish the entire legal system?

T: No. Abolish the monopoly that lawyers have on the system. Neutralize the shysters. Design the system anew. We should talk about that on some other programme.

S: We should indeed. The question therefore arises, of course: Who shot JFK?

T: Most probably it was a professional mafia hit man contracted by the CIA. The operation was likely financed by the Texas good oil boys, who benefited handsomely from JFK’s death: the oil depletion allowance canard. LBJ gave the go-ahead. He served as guardian angel —or devil— protecting the slew of criminals pulling off the job. I hope this answers the question posed by our discerning listener from Detroit.

S: On his behalf, thank you. So Lee Harvey Oswald is innocent.

T: That is virtually certain. Clearly, he worked for the CIA. Lee dropped out of school at the beginning of the tenth grade. Yet he rapidly became fluent in Russian. Where did he learn Russian? In the Marines. The apparatus then sent him to the Soviet Union as a fake defector in one of their weirdo projects, like the MKUltra mind-control lunacy or the Bay of Pigs fiasco. Then the bastards turned dead against him. Repugnantly treacherous. Wackos. Sickos. Scumos.

S: These people are hopelessly deranged. And viciously criminal. Ugh!

T: We have Truman and Ike to thank for this humongous cancer they gave the world. With the intel/security apparatus, Trike wrecked the foundations of the nation. The two dumbest presidents in American history. Back to back.

S: Trump?

T: Two of the three dumbest presidents in American history.

S: Teriaki, our director has signalled that our time is up. Any final comments?

T: Citizens of America: Arise!

S: Citizens of Britannia: Take heed! Thank you to all our wonderful listeners for tuning in and for participating in the programme with their keen questions. Cardinal Points will return next week at its regularly scheduled times on web radio, shortwave and download media. I am Shahrazad Boyko signing off and wishing you a pleasant morning, afternoon, evening, or night, wherever in the world you may happen to be.

This is Radio Sistema Tropical, the Antillean world broadcasting system.

“Mankind must put an end to war ? or war will put an end to mankind.”

“Today, every inhabitant of this planet must contemplate the day when this planet may no longer be habitable. Every man, woman and child lives under a nuclear sword of Damocles, hanging by the slenderest of threads, capable of being cut at any moment by accident or miscalculation or by madness. The weapons of war must be abolished before they abolish us.”

―John F. Kennedy, United Nations General Assembly address, 25 September 1961

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