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Diego Azeta

9 May 2017

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HELLO AND WELCOME to Cardinal Points. This past week an event came to pass that many Americans as well as most observers throughout the world  had until recently considered impossible: Donald Trump became president of the United States. Ever since the night of the election, when shock first set in among his adversaries on realizing that Trump was indeed going to win, reality has become unacceptable for supporters of the steadily foundering Democratic Party. The sore losers have taken out their frustration on Trump by unleashing an unprecedented smear campaign on the incoming chief executive, a patently well-orchestrated agitprop manoeuvre fomented by oligarchs, corporate media, neocons, even angry Republicans! What can one expect from this bizarre state of affairs, a situation starkly alien to American political tradition? Teriaki?

Teriaki:  It’s an omen, Shahrazad: the empire has traversed an inflection point.

Shahrazad:  A watershed, for those of us who are less mathematically inclined.

T:  Yes, the second one in the post-World War era, touch wood. It behoves the global community to closely monitor the new and possibly sinister trajectory.

S:  When was the first inflection point crossed?

T:  Circa 1973. Specifically, from the Nixon Shock of 1971 that destroyed the Bretton Woods international monetary system to the Fall of Saigon in 1975.

S:  I thought you were going to say 9/11, which many say changed everything.

T:  No, 9/11 is the grotesque consequence of psychopathic neocon ideology.

S:  So we have a period bracketed by an economic coup and a military defeat?

T:  Yes, two highly symbolic yet substantive events that have shaped America’s perceptions of itself and its role in the world ever since, with other influential developments in between. The latter event marks Vietnam’s triumph in the war in South East Asia. That has been seen as an ignominious rout for America, its first unqualified disaster in a major military conflict, far worse than Dien Bien Phu was for the French. Militarists have striven to find solace by claiming that America could have readily bombed Vietnam back into the Stone Age. Totally irrelevant. Clausewitz had already noted that war is the continuation of politics by other means. The débâcle was brutally real. And it had a devastating impact on America’s political psyche, glaringly out of proportion to its actual military significance. On the other hand, the former event was economic in nature, as you rightly observed, although still eminently imperialistic: the Nixon regime unilaterally abandoned the gold standard that had backed the US dollar.

S:  What backs the dollar now? Wink, wink.

T:  The slip of paper it’s printed on. And only America can print those slips.

S:  Which they’ve been printing with abandon. Creditor nations beware.

T:  Credulous private citizens also. Economics is largely based on illusion.

S:  'Tis a fabulous contrivance. Hocus-pocus! Poof!

T:  Chortled the erudite lady. One good turn deserves another: time for a quick interview of Cardinal Points co-host, Shahrazad Boyko! The crowd roars!

S:  Oh, my.

T:  Listeners need to know. You may skip the name, rank, and serial number.

S:  What’s this, Guantánamo Bay?

T:  ¡Fuera de Cuba los yanquis! Love the fiery Latino spirit. Salsa, you know.

S:  Surely. Should I begin in the beginning?

T:  Nah, cut to the chase. Education?

S:  I read Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford for my BA.

T:  A brilliant move! Rather difficult to gain admission to that course. At least for the commoner stratum. Caste? Stratum.

S:  It is reasonably manageable for all disciplined students. Did my master’s in International Relations and International Communication at Boston University.

T:  You like to be in America.

S:  That was an objective, subordinate to BU’s dual-track programme. Interned at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva thanks to the BU internship.

T:  And to your talents and well-honed skills. A formidable opening strategy.

S:  Oh! Thank you.

T:  Ruy López would have approved. Foreign languages?

S:  Farsi and Russian learned at home, French and German by schooling.

T:  Très bien. Nous avons quelque chose en commun.

S:  Effectivement.

T:  Work experience?

S:  Foreign correspondent for Le Monde, four-plus years. And now here.

T:  Assignments? Bureaus?

S:  EU in Brussels, Berlin, London, and Athens, mostly. Middle East in Beirut, Cairo, Jerusalem, and Ramallah. A stint in Moscow. Brief tours in Crimea and Kiev. Special reports from Beijing, Tokyo, Seoul, Delhi, Kabul, and Tehran.

T:  What, no Antarctica? What made you come to Radio Sistema Tropical?

S:  The pristine Caribbean beaches. They also said pretty please.

T:  Who can refuse that. Transformative experiences?

S:  Was nearly blown off the map by a predator drone in Afghanistan.

T:  Good heavens! Them bastards. Were you interviewing mujāhidīn?

S:  Not at the moment. My driver and I were passing by a village wedding.

T:  Drove straight to the airport and left the country, I suppose.

S:  No, we were the first to respond and provide emergency aid. The mayhem utterly shocked me. I struggled feverishly but felt like a zombie in the carnage, stupefied, a shrill alarm blaring in my head. There were little children there…


S:  On the following day we again drove through the village past the destroyed building and I interviewed the mujāhid warlord.

T:  No drone there.

S:  None at all.

T:  People forget that the military is another inept government bureaucracy.

S:  Brutally incompetent.

T:  And often recklessly criminal. That’s quite a résumé for a young journalist.

S:  Thank you. Badly needed the tranquil, pristine beaches.

T:  You’ve earned them, kid. Thank you for your courageous service.

S:  Hey. Sniff. So the second inflection point would be Trump’s election?

T:  Not the election per se but what made it happen: a stunning repudiation of neoliberalism and the tyranny of plutocracy by ordinary citizens. That act was a resounding setback for the oligarchs. And surprisingly, it came not from the left but from grass-roots conservatives from the heartland. The left is doing the plutocrats’ dirty work by assailing Trump. Useful idiots. Keep in mind that the “mainstream left” in the US would be the hard right anywhere else. In practical terms, the authentic left is all but extinct in American politics.

S:  Much to the detriment of America as a vibrant, open democracy.

T:  With all the consequences that entails. Closed systems collapse.

S:  Entropy. It’s the law. What would American right-wingers be elsewhere?

T:  Neocon Nazis. Similar to the misnamed Afrikaner, only worse.

S:  Seriously.

T:  Seriously: Lebensraum. A brutal slavery that begot apartheid, lynchings, and bullheaded racism. Neo-imperialism. A government run by liars, cheaters, and swines. The incessant propaganda, never-ending war, the police brutality state. The recurring false-flag stratagems. Regime changes. Assassination of foreign leaders. Orwellian surveillance by the State. Full-spectrum amorality. A cult of violence that glorifies death, and enforces it. Shysters abetting the fat cats. The illusion of vaunted freedom. Rampant deceit. Cradle-to-grave ultra-nationalist indoctrination. Brainwashing as realpolitik. Had Roosevelt not then been president, America would have allied with Hitler. There were numerous Nazi sympathizers before Pearl Harbour. Rich. Powerful. Hubristic. Fanatical. Deadly serious.

S:  Miss Liberty would object.

T:  Miss Liberty est française. She would scramble back to France if she could. It was the French who snatched victory for Washington from the grim jaws of defeat, I should add, a key factor often ignored. No Bostonians required.

S:  Virginians?

T:  Please, Shahrazad.

S:  Devotees of the received history will not like that.

T:  The received mythos. As approved by the Washington liars. Great name for a football club, by the way. Which they sorely need.

S:  How about The Washington Whiteskins?

T:  They’d never be able to field a team.

S:  Or win if they ever did.

T:  C’est la chose! Neocons are incredibly stupid. Wise up, America.

S:  Before they drag you down along with them. Goebbels, in Hitler’s bunker, blamed the German people for their impending fate because they had elected them to begin with. The gall of that heartless deceiver!

T:  Goddamn bastard! Washing his filthy hands. The creep deserved to be shot.

S:  He was. By none other than Goebbels himself.

T:  Those two cowards abandoned the German Volk after duping them.

S:  That’s what the scum do all the time. Everywhere. It’s their speciality.

T:  Amazingly, humanity has yet to learn how to protect itself from the scum. I am talking about humanity after the rise of «civilization». The hierarchization of society allowed scum to hide behind the artifice of the State and exploit the populace with their beguiling demagoguery and repressive violence apparatus.

S:  Carrot and stick. But the populace laps it up. It takes two to tango.

T:  Well, it is dangerous to defy the State’s deadly repressive apparatus. But the populace does indeed swallow the meretricious demagoguery. Avidly.

S:  Will the populace ever learn?

T:  No. Most people cease to think sensibly upon leaving school. They conduct themselves like reactive amoebas: purely stimulus-response behaviours, strictly Pavlovian. The older they age, the more truculent they become. Kids solving problems in plane geometry will out-think any mule-headed, know-it-all adult.

S:  Grown-ups, incongruously, tend to act like brain-dead zombies.

T:  And they’re not pretend-acting. Their brain waves are perfectly horizontal.

S:  The scum were kinda smart to cash in on that human glitch.

T:  Street smart. Lowlife clever. No intellectual achievement, by any means.

S:  What do you think about Trump being impeached?

T:  Trump is the only one in Washington with a 757 parked on the tarmac. No one else there has the brains to have figured out how to do that. They all have to suck at the teat of the State. The mediocre minds have a strong pathological rationale to do anything to bring Trump to heel. Isn’t that right, Chucky Boy?

S:  Chucky Boy! Shades of Wyatt Earp and the Great American Wild West.

T:  It’s the American way! Tweet softly and carry a big stick. It’s a rough town.

S:  There’s more to the anti-Trump hysteria than meets the eye, though.

T:  Oh, definitely. It’s a multi-layered imbroglio, going far beyond the Demo’s loss of the election. But let’s clear that out of the way first. The reason why the Democrats lost the election is Hillary. Any halfwit realizes that you never call your contender’s supporters ―the additional potential voters you are supposed to be wooing― a “basket of deplorables”. Then she repeated the insult! Where did the Dumbocrats find such a monumental nincompoop? But there’s more: her secret deals with Wall Street, playing dirty in the primaries against Bernie Sanders, Slick Willie taking millions from foreign governments while she was Secretary of State, the thousands of feloniously deleted e-mails, and on and on.

S:  Long on arrogance, short on scruples. Much like the rest of her team.

T:  Bozo-heads. Here’s Podesta opening his DNC server e-mail account:

      ENTER USERNAME:    username
      ENTER PASSWORD:    password            Honk! Honk!

T:  With geniuses like these there is no need of Russian hackers.

S:  It’s not hackers but leakers. Conscientious heroes still exist in America.

T:  And everywhere else. Consider WikiLeaks: it’s not called WikiHacks.

S:  There’s a reason for that: the only hacks to be seen are the politicians.

T:  The goddamn politicians. Depictive precision is imperative, Shahrazad.

S:  And to think that these people came close to running the country.

T:  And ruining the world. Bozo Hillary would have started World War III.

S:  That’s what the military-industrial complex wants. GD war profiteers.

T:  Military-corporate lunatics. And Hillary would have delivered. I must say, I was relieved on election night when Trump won. Not ecstatic. Just pleased.

S:  Anyone but Hillary.

T:  Come what may. It cannot be worse than what Hillary had in store for us.

S:  But the far right is trying to force Trump to cave in. See what the CIA has mounted against him, a Russian-toady attack based on complete fabrications.

T:  Can you believe that? The CIA plotting against its own president!

S:  Treason. They deserve to be shot, as the neocon Bolton relishes for leakers.

T:  Johnny Boy! Deserves to be flung from 1 WTC. What the CIA deserves is decommissioning and proscription. There is no place for Stalinesque deceit in a democracy. Another monarchism the Brits foisted on American blockheads.

S:  They think of themselves as exceptional.

T:  Exceptional blockheads.

S:  So it looks like the Brits will win the War of 1776 after all.

T:  You mean they haven’t already? Hillary was the one who invented the story about Russian hackers in order to dodge accusations about her dirty chicanery regarding Sanders. And the media lackeys dutifully joined in, thus effacing the scandal from the spotlight. The CIA, which prior to this had not said a word of any interference in any American electoral process, suddenly claimed, without ever producing a shred of evidence, that the Russians were hacking everything.

S:  If that were true, it would imply two things: that the Russians are better at breaking computer network security than the Americans are at protecting their systems, in which case they were asking for it, and, two, that the CIA was once again asleep on the job, having failed to notice anything suspicious beforehand.

T:  Both scenarios can be true, of course, even without the alleged hacking.

S:  Perhaps they are. Americans are better at propaganda than at actually doing the things they say they do. They did, after all, formally institute propaganda.

T:  The Americans instituted propaganda?

S:  It was the Americans who formalized the principles of previously employed Anglo-American methods for manipulation and control of public opinion with the publication of the little book, Propaganda, by Edward Bernays in 1928.

T:  You learned your history of communication well.

S:  My tuition dollars at work. I keep the opening paragraph of that book here on my smart phone. Listen to this:

     The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.

T:  Omigosh! This guy makes Joseph Goebbels sound like Mother Teresa.

S:  Goebbels in fact learned much of his trade from the work of the Ministry of Information in Britain and America’s Committee on Public Information, the place where Bernays worked, both of which were active during World War I.

T:  Propaganda bullhorns, to use John Kerry’s preppy propaganda prop.

S:  Alluringly alliterative. How recursive of him.

T:  Mindlessly solipsistic. The message is the message.

S:  A vortex that sucks into oblivion any trace of intelligent thought.

T:  That is exactly what the federal government has been doing to its citizens from the start. Now brought to you by your friendly, most deceitful CIA.

S:  You’d go so far as the very beginning?

T:  One day I will tell you about Alexander the Ham. A scoundrel like Ryan, the devious Speaker of the House. But here’s a titbit: Hamilton was the leading proponent of the Electoral College, with all its Rube Goldberg appurtenances, which nullifies the fundamental democratic principle of one person, one vote. Originally, it could nullify all the votes. From the very beginning, Shahrazad.

S:  That’s one thing the anti-Trump protesters are carping about.

T:  Carp before the election, not after. I did not hear a peep when Al Gore was Ham-shafted by the crooked Scalia Supreme Court. Hypocrites. And bastards.

S:  But the overriding reason for not electing the president by popular vote was the South’s pervasive slavery. Southerners were electorally at a disadvantage.

T:  The North’s greatest historical blunder was not keeping the rednecks out of the incipient Union. They’ve been paying dearly for that error to this day.

S:  You must pay for your mistakes.

T:  That’s on the Sinai Tablets, is it not?

S:  Implicitly, maybe. I dunno. We need a theologian.

T:  You realize that the CIA’s sibling, the FBI, was going to continue funding the roundly discredited Trump-Russia Dossier that had priorly been drawn up in Britain. That happened during Barackito’s watch. Ooh, dirty Barackito!

S:  Dang! The conspirators are my compatriots! That was real interference in the American elections. And not a peep from the Americans.

T:  Zilch. MI6 arranged for one of their former agents to prepare the dossier. But it had been contracted out by the CIA through US political intermediaries.

S:  The CIA hatched the plot? Where did you get the evidence for that?

T:  From the same place mainstream media get their unnamed sources. Except that this theory is overwhelmingly likely given the nature of the usual suspects. That’s how these bastards operate: falsehoods enveloped in deceit. Check out their track record. All their operations follow the same pattern. That’s how you run global empires while masquerading as a pious democracy. With filthy lies.

S:  Mainstream media thus becomes an essential tool for the manipulators.

T:  Indispensable. The plutocrats buy up all the media and the hired journalists either propagate the lies or get fired from their jobs and are blackballed from the industry for life. They either comply or are miserably crushed out of their means of livelihood. Plutocrats are exceptionally despicable goddamn bastards. Gutter scum. Let’s hear it for the Anglo-American plutocratic free press!

S:  Free press my eye.

T:  You know their sordid culture better than anyone. Tell 'em, kiddo.

S:  Free press my eye.

T:  There you go, folks! Certified by Shahrazad herself. Eat it, MSM!

S:  These guys are no different than the old Soviet Pravda. Worse, actually.

T:  Naturally. The US is no different than the old USSR. Back in the US, back in the US, back in the USSR! ♫

S:  Well, there’s still more freedom in the US. In the West, generally.

T:  There was. The chain was longer then, yes. Was. Past simple indicative.

S:  Come on.

T:  Here goes. Things are very different nowadays, in Russia as well as the US. You lived in Moscow. Russians live and work as freely as any American.

S:  Mm… True.

T:  Russia abandoned communism for capitalism. Private enterprise flourishes.

S:  Yes, that is manifestly true.

T:  There is freedom of religion. Freedom to travel wherever you wish. Which includes Cuba, North Korea, and what have you. Can Americans smoke Cuban cigars? Do the DC dictators still prohibit them? Are Russians afraid of being shot in the back by a trigger-happy cop because of their ethnicity? Do the laws in Russia allow cops to confiscate the legal assets of citizens based on a mere “hunch”? Any Russian enjoys far more security and personal freedom than the average American, occupied Europeans included. They leave the West behind.

S:  You don’t pull any punches.

T:  Wait. Russia is a democracy. They accept their elected leaders in a proper, civil manner. Unlike the US, where they’re trying to bring down a duly elected president, by hook or crook. What will they do next, assassinate him? That has already been insinuated by fakey CNN and by Chucky Boy. Some democracy.

S:  Chucky Boy’s veiled threat astonished me. He’s just as stupid as CNN.

T:  Stupider. And Russia’s president enjoys approval ratings that no politico in America can dream of. Or Europe. No one. We’re talking a consistent 85-plus percent. You don’t get those numbers by cheapjack political marketing.

S:  Well, the president of Iceland scored a 97% approval rating recently.

T:  He’s not really a politician, though. That’s why the people adore him.

S:  I agree. Vladimir Putin has unparalleled popular support. And it is genuine. He restored order to the chaos that was Russia after Boris Yeltsin’s disastrous regime, much to the chagrin of the American economic advisor-saboteurs. He made Russia rise like a phoenix from the ashes. That was truly an extraordinary feat.

T:  No other world leader compares in accomplishments. «Pathetic Barackito» couldn’t stand that. Made him look bad. This explains why Russia is maligned as a strategic menace to America: Putin puts Barackito & Company to shame. The new Russia evinces just how rotten the United States has become. Rotten to the core. Because of its officialized corruption. No different than Yeltsin’s.

S:  You know, Teriaki, you did score some interesting points there.

T:  I scored every point. But greater things shall you see. Stick around.

S:  What still bothers me is that the entrenched bureaucrats are out to destroy Donald Trump. They show no respect for the presidency. The democratic ideal of the republic means nothing to the republic’s employees. That’s pretty scary.

T:  Not only to entrenched bureaucrats but to the glaringly disloyal opposition, the goddamn 'Publican scum, and the evil axis of treacherous neoconservatives and abominable plutocrats. This evil bunch presents the most serious threat to American democracy ever. Yet the populace sees nothing wrong.

S:  They can’t see that a slow-motion coup d’état is surreptitiously taking place. The people have abdicated their responsibility to stand up for democracy.

T:  If the people fail to defend their democracy, they deserve to be trod upon. Franklin warned them when asked about the type of government the founding bastards were secretly concocting: “A republic, madam, if you can keep it.”

S:  Iffy proposition. This is not the first coup attempt. There have been several, but the one that shows that America is not immune to the illustrious European putsch is the 1933 Business Plot intended to overthrow Franklin D. Roosevelt.

T:  America is not “immune” to anything that afflicts humanity. Don’t fall for that exceptionalism garbage.  It’s sole purpose is to manipulate feeble minds.

S:  Teriaki, please. What will our American audience think?

T:  What. Oh, sorry, folks. These scumbags get under my skin. My apologies.

S:  On behalf of our gracious listeners, apology accepted.

T:  A more apposite name is the Plutocrats Plot. See what I mean? Repetitive conditioning has absolved them. Do tell us about the Pluto Plot, Shahrazad.

S:  When FDR was elected, a cabal of wealthy capitalists tried to entice retired Major General Smedley D. Butler into heading their uprising against the new president. The plotters were fascists who openly admired Mussolini and Hitler. They were also the owners of many of America’s largest corporations.

T:  Told you so.

S:  But they picked the wrong man. Butler was the country’s most decorated marine, twice with the Congressional Medal of Honour. The vile plotters had no idea of what that meant. He went straight to Congress and denounced them.

T:  The scum are incredibly stupid. Semper infidelis. Bravo, Smedley! A hero of solid moral principles and sterling integrity. Like Chelsea Manning.

S:  And Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, John Kiriakou, and many more. Let me get the list of white-knight whistle-blowers from my smart phone.

T:  Oh, that’s okay, Shahrazad. We’re short on time. On another episode.

S:  Fortunately, there are still valorous souls willing to fight the forces of evil.

T:  Amen. In olden times, evil was personified as the devil, the father of lies.

S:  Aha! I wasn’t aware of that gossamer religious dimension.

T:  The treasure of religions lies in the wisdom of their teachings. Hearken:

      Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar and the father of lies. ―John 8:44

S:  An apt allegory. I’m impressed, Teriaki. No peeking at notes.

T:  What you learn as a kid sticks forever.

S:  Smart, motivated, and clean. We should let kids run the world.

T:  Absolutely. I was much impressed with John back in Kiritimati. You know, it is significant that the only time Jesus lost his cool was when dealing with the bloody materialists, the money changers. The amoral merchants of the temple. The bandidos. The historically ever-present and pernicious goddamn scum.

S:  That’s probably what got him crucified.

T:  Because of their ties to the Sanhedrin’s politicos. That incident threatened the parasites’ purses, something the honcho bastards had to squelch. Fast.

S:  Materialists have but one law: Rake in the cash, no matter what.

T:  Keep-on-raking comes at a price, for there is also the law of duality, which none of these matter-suckers seems to know. Duality is intrinsic to nature.

S:  Drum roll, please. Ladies and gentlemen, The Law of Duality:

T:  Not today. A tad too technical for the time we have left.

S:  Is it mathematically difficult?

T:  It is mathematically rigorous. And physically real. We’ll examine it later.

S:  Politicians wouldn’t know about it, would they.

T:  Politicians don’t know beans about anything except lies. Plutocrat-approved lies. It never ceases to amaze me that intelligent, well-educated citizens always defer to these knavish morons when it comes to running our countries.

S:  No surprise. Propaganda is most effective when lodged in the unconscious. Reasoning is futile when the mind is unaware of being compromised.

T:  Clever ploy. All the more reason for the scum to control the media tightly.

S:  When one saturates the media with a narrative, it becomes the «truth» by default. If counter-narratives are suppressed, the media manipulators gain total control of the target audience’s mind. It is then easy to prod that audience into thinking and behaving as you wish. That was Bernays’ basic argument, in a nutshell.

T:  Contemporary Anglo-American reality leaves Orwell in the dust. You don’t need a Ministry of Truth. A handful of media conglomerates is more effective.

S:  Oligopolies is the way to go. You avoid the stigma of a monopoly.

T:  While feeding the illusions of freedom and democracy in a plutocracy.

S:  Bingo! Which brings me back to my wariness with US politics. The power of these plutocrats over government is such that they will trump any president. A country whose presidents are puppets of the fat cats is in dire straits.

T:  I agree. Smedley Butler stopped the bumbling plutocrats of his day, but the bastards have come a long way since. Not only do the chiefs of intelligence lie under oath to Congress and publicly chastise the president ―that’s perjury and insubordination, respectively― but they perpetrate heinous crimes in the name of national security, with impunity. Such criminal acts by intel bureaucrats are always aligned with the aims and unwritten directives of the plutocrats.

S:  The very oligarchs who have everyone in Washington in their pockets.

T:  Everyone except one: Donald Trump. They did not underwrite his election, putting instead all their eggs in Hillary’s basket. Incredibly stupid, as per usual.

S:  But now they are out to force him into submission.

T:  You sound confident that they will succeed.

S:  I think they will whip him into compliance. After all, they’ve had a perfect record since Ronald Reagan. They seem to know well what they’re doing.

T:  ¡Gonzo Bonzo! Miserable asesino de Jaime Roldós Aguilera, Omar Torrijos, y sus acompañantes. ¡So cobarde! Maybe so. Time will tell if the man has any spine. He does have a card up his sleeve, though. A trump card, if you will.

S:  Platitudinous, Teriaki.

T:  Look who’s― eh, couldn’t resist. Trump can drain the swamp if he has the guts to reveal the crimes US intelligence has committed. He can also prosecute everyone involved, including former presidents. He owes his election to no one but himself. If anyone is in a position to drain, it’s him. Here’s a short draining list:

      1. Crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 in the Indian Ocean in 2014
      2. Shooting down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 over Ukraine in 2014
      3. Fatal bombing of Cubana de Aviación Flight 455 off Barbados in 1976.

      4. Assassination of Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez in 2014
      5. Hundreds of assassination attempts on Fidel Castro in the 20th century
      6. Assassination of Congolese Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba in 1961.

      7. Coup of the democratically elected government of Ukraine in 2014
      8. Coup of the democratically elected government of Chile in 1973
      9. Coup of the democratically elected government of Guatemala in 1954.

    10. The so-called terrorist attacks of 9/11 in the United States in 2001.

T:  Those are just a few of the worst crimes. There are many, many more.

S:  Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

T:  Declared Carl Sagan, following Marcello Truzzi. Pierre-Simon de Laplace, however, had long before stated: “The weight of evidence for an extraordinary claim must be proportioned to its strangeness.”

S:  A different take from a great mathematician. Please explain.

T:  An extraordinary claim need not be at all strange to an informed audience. In geopolitics, such claims tend to induce a belief that more of the usual dirty trickery has been perpetrated. The CIA, as do all zillion American intelligence agencies, operates on the «principle» of plausible deniability. Like the related national security sophistry, plausible deniability is a tricky American invention. From our old friends, the Best and the Brightest, no less, the same militaristic fabricators who gave America Vietnam.

S:  That’s not a good sign.

T:  You know it. Intelligence agencies, to be sure, are in the squalid business of deception. That is what they do. You know from the get-go that they are going to lie. Unless you happen to be an idiot. So plausible deniability, insofar as any thinking person is concerned, is really a tricky front to cover up deceitful acts.

S:  If they say X occurred, you know that what actually happened was not X.

T:  Precisely. Intelligence propaganda is simplistic: just attach a Boolean NOT gate: “Admit nothing. Deny everything. Make counter-accusations.” Hogwash.

S:  Ergo, “Never believe anything in politics until it has been officially denied.”

T:  Attributed to Otto von Bismarck, I believe, Herr Realpolitikmeister himself. Knew well what he was talking about. Americans should pay heed to another of his keen observations: “The secret of politics? Make a good treaty with Russia.”

S:  Americans are way too arrogant for that to happen.

T:  Arrogance is the sibling of ignorance, or to Americanize it, of being dumb.

S:  Neo-dumb. Why on earth do they call their dirty work “intelligence”?

T:  Because of the Boolean NOT. That’s all the logic they know. Getting back to our analysis of plausible deniability, the notion may hold, if tenuously, when a situation is strictly a one-time event. If a man claims his wife has committed suicide, that may be deemed plausible. But if the man makes that claim having a string of ex-wives that he also alleges were suicides, you know the bastard is lying. If the CIA had never executed a coup, then it might be deemed plausible that the Maidan uprising in Kiev was not a Company covert operation. Might. But having attained notoriety for destabilizing and overthrowing governments galore, especially to harass Russia, one would have to be a goddamn imbecile to believe the CIA wasn’t pulling the strings. That’s plain old common sense.

S:  Or be a right-wing fanatic.

T:  Same thing. Still, there is a formal argument that demolishes the subterfuge of plausible deniability. It is called Bayes’ Theorem. Probability theory, which contains Laplace’s Bayesian theory, is a branch of pure mathematics. Who do you trust as knowledgeable and reliable, Laplace or the Best and the Brightest?

S:  No contest. Monsieur Laplace règne suprême. Il est le mathématicien.

T:  Bayesian probability can quantify just how unlikely plausible deniability is.

S:  The more prior lies, the lower the likelihood of valid plausible deniability.

T:  Exactly. The more claims there are, the less strange they become, simply because of their frequency, even though the claim itself may still be considered extraordinary. Resurrection is quite possibly the most extraordinary claim that one can imagine, yet as of the rise of Christianity it is certainly not a “strange” claim at all. Laplace was correct. But if the prior instances were lies, forget it! Bayes’ Theorem spells near-certain death for deceptive plausible deniability.

S:  But taken to the limit, that death is mathematically certain. I’m impressed. Maths comes through again with flying colours. Does the CIA know this?

T:  Surely you jest. They don’t even know how to pull off a decent putsch.

S:  Well, they sorta did okay with Dilma Rousseff in Brazil.

T:  Yeah, no bloodshed. They finally learned something semi-civilized. It was about time that these clods not ridicule themselves as rank amateurs.

S:  They had to after the Russians recovered Crimea without firing a shot.

T:  Knight takes rook. Check. Made the Agency look like a gaggle of dunces. Brennan’s Slapstick Follies, ladies and gents! The global humiliation caused by their embarrassing flop was hilarious. Barackito had the mother of all fits.

S:  Why would he? All he seems to understand is golf. Americans should look at themselves in the mirror, critically. They are not as smart as they think.

T:  Certainly nowhere close to being exceptional. More like Roman wannabes.

S:  Stuck II millennia in the past. Just like the wannabe Engländers. Copycats.

T:  What a waste of historical opportunity to advance the human condition. No concern for universal peace. It’s the Curse of the Europeans: an obsession with violence and cruelty. Brutish troglodytes. Ever since the Cro-Magnons.

S:  Never got past the stage of tribal warfare. No transcendence in their legacy. No wondrous gifts for humanity. Abject failures as neo-Prometheans.

T:  And not even a trace of minimal awareness of the squandered opportunity.

S:  Too arrogant to notice, too ignorant to change. And too obdurate to amend the first two. But that still does not explain item ten on your list, among others.

T:  Let’s tackle number ten first. The Big Enchilada.

S:  Remembrance of things Nixonian.

T:  Why do Americans always vote these crooked bastards in? Is it a cultural disability? To their credit, they did elect Jimmy Carter once. A decent man.

S:  A bit of a fluke. They soon voted him out.

T:  In order to get Bonzo in! Frankly, in all my years of analyzing cultures the world over, never did I come across a society as politically unsophisticated and gullible as the Americans. They devour the ludicrous Hollywood theatrics.

S:  It’s the mass media control. A trained populace is a manipulable populace.

T:  Incredible. Here’s the scoop on 9/11. Unbeknownst to much of the public, on that day a third tower collapsed. Building 7 of the World Trade Centre was not struck by an airplane, did not burn uncontrollably in a raging inferno, and suffered no apparent damage to its structural integrity. Yet the 47-story tower fell in 6.5 seconds at free-fall speeds, in violation of what the laws of physics dictate for a building with 40,000 tons of structural steel supporting it. To drop symmetrically under free-fall acceleration, the building could not have run into any resistance as it hurtled down. But 40,000 tons of structural steel don’t just simply vanish. The absence of structural support is obvious to anyone watching videos of the building as it plummets. It is impossible, by the laws of physics, to unleash such an implosion through the path of maximum resistance without recourse to powerful external forces. There is only one possible explanation to this aberration: WTC 7 was a precisely controlled building demolition.

S:  You mean, with carefully placed high explosives, expressly deployed weeks or maybe months in advance in order to bring down the building.

T:  To utterly demolish it, leaving merely a pile of rubble. It takes an awful lot of structural engineering analysis and operational planning to achieve that. It is not an easy task, even for highly skilled demolition specialists. Now, how could Osama bin Laden do that with a laptop and a mobile phone from Afghanistan?

S:  By using free and open-source software?

T:  Mm, no. Now consider the twin towers. Nearly free fall as well.

S:  Sure looks that way. But that rubble turned finely pulverized from the very top. Wonder how they did that. Someone didn’t want to leave any evidence.

T:  No forensic investigations were conducted in the largest ever crime scene in America. In egregious violation of the law. And no one in government said or did anything about it. Not a peep. How does that strike you, America!

S:  Bureaucracies have gone kaput. No one cares to do their job anymore.

T:  Federal bureaucracies are no longer under the authority of elected officials. That also held true for New York state agencies on that day. But the goddamn bastards who quickly got rid of the rubble, so as to remove evidence, failed to take into account the inquisitiveness of science-trained researchers. These did not have the remains of steel girders to examine but there certainly was plenty of pulverized rubble dust to look into ― under scanning electron microscopes, conventional optical microscopes, X-ray energy dispersive spectroscopes, and differential scanning calorimetry devices. Do you know what they found?

S:  CIA fingerprints?

T:  In effect, yes. In the form of high-tech nano-thermitic residue.

S:  Lost me there. Since the X-ray thingies, actually.

T:  Nano-thermite is a highly reactive incendiary composite that burns at very high temperatures. It is capable of melting structural steel in a trice. In 2001, the year of the WTC attacks, it was being investigated and manufactured for advanced military applications at a few federal government weapons research laboratories: at Los Alamos, Lawrence Livermore, Indian Head Naval Surface Warfare Centre… In over a century of existence, not a single tall building had ever collapsed owing to fire, the reason being that tall buildings are supported by steel frames. Fires that burn office furnishings and equipment cannot melt steel or iron, for they burn at relatively low temperatures. Jet fuel also burns at temperatures that are well below the melting point of steel. That is why no jet engine has ever melted while in flight. But nano-thermite exceeds the required temperature to melt steel by over a thousand degrees Celsius in no time flat.

S:  The bastards!

T:  Now you know why I use such colourful language. You can see the melted steel dripping from the doomed towers before they fell. Many first responders also testified to seeing streams of melted steel in the towers, as in foundries.

S:  Oh, my God! But who could have had the flagitiously sick mind to do that?

T:  The goddamn insane neocons and their wacko cronies at the CIA. In 2000, one year to the month before 9/11, an outfit calling themselves The Project for the New American Century ―a bunch of fanatical neocons― wrote up a sort of neocon manifesto, Rebuilding America’s Defenses, where they outlined the goal of the PNAC and the aim of their report/manifesto. Their stated goal was “to promote American global leadership”, this being euphemistic newspeak for «to attain American global domination». Bizarrely Strangelovian, except that it was for real. These sickos were living a lunatic’s fantasy. The aim of the report was “to support an American grand strategy committed to” achieving global control. Neocon Kampf, a blueprint for how to take over the world. Not even Hitler, the grandiloquent psychopath, dreamed up such a megalomaniacal aim.

S:  This sounds so grotesquely surreal. Dem amerikanischen Volke.

T:  These bastards are stark raving mad. They’re still around. Interestingly, the only country where they could get away with this utter madness was the USA.

S:  You reap what you sow.

T:  As even fools know. Although clearly not all of them do.

S:  Could the reap aphorism also be considered a systems principle?

T:  You bet! Wait till we discuss duality. But take a look at this: the ideological fanatics knew that implementing their plan was difficult in a country where the people still adhered to democratic values, however imperfect those values may historically have been. So they gave an unambiguous indication of what sort of contextual setting would be necessary to bring about a quick implementation:

     [T]he process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event ― like a new Pearl Harbor.

S:  Ooh! These people shall burn like nano-thermite deep in Dante’s inferno!

T:  I am grateful not to be in their shoes. But the dimwits got it wrong, as was to be expected. Pearl Harbour signalled the start of hostilities in a conventional war. What these dolts should have referred to was the Reichstag of the Weimar Republic, the sleazy false-flag operation conducted by the Nazis to consolidate power and dominate Germany when Hitler rose to power in 1933.

S:  Bush rose to power in 2001. These neocons are shameless Nazi copycats.

T:  Told you so. The «far right» is a mafia of zealots, worldwide. They care for neither country nor noble principles. And they will kill to impose their ideology.

S:  But why are these energumens driven into madness by political ideology?

T:  Because their brains are all f***ed up. They’ll edit that out, will they not?

S:  Perhaps they should leave it in.

T:  The mind is reducible to the neural networks of the brain, according to the central thesis of cognitive science. Given a fault in the hardware, the software is bound to be screwed up.

S:  Being a right-wing extremist is a congenital dysfunction?

T:  Not necessarily. Cultures do most of the grunt work in forging neural nets.

S:  Vygotsky. You’re a committed systems thinker, Teriaki.

T:  Thank you. Systems thinking ―with systems analysis― is the way to go.

S:  One last question: Why do these ogres insist on taking over the world?

T:  Hard to say. Exorcism of the ghost of Vietnam? A sublimation of personal inadequacies. Brutal sadism. Criminal instincts. Oedipal complexes. Whatever it is, it appears to correspond to a degenerated ventromedial prefrontal cortex. Their moral compass is shot, as is their capacity for independent thinking: in the manifesto, they constantly talk about their envisioned “American peace.”

S:  Pax Americana. Evidence of Roman wannabeism, wouldn’t you say?

T:  Good enough for government bureaucrats. Pax Romana marked the end of the Roman republic and the formal beginning of the empire. After it came the decline and fall of Rome. You’d think these pseudo-intellectuals would reflect a little more seriously on where the hell they are taking the country.

S:  It’s like you said: they care not a whit about the country. Teriaki, I’m afraid we’ve run well over our allotted time. Our producer was most forgiving, but we have to leave it there. To our listeners, thank you for joining Teriaki and me at Radio Sistema Tropical. Cardinal Points will return next week at its regularly scheduled times. I am Shahrazad Boyko signing off and wishing you a pleasant morning, afternoon, evening, or night, wherever in the world you may happen to be.

This is Radio Sistema Tropical, the Antillean world broadcasting system.

     “America is everything they falsely accuse Russia of being.”
     — Orion Von Walker, comment posted on YouTube

     The Boolean NOT. That’s all the logic they know.

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